The 20/20 review: put us to the test

Reduce your office supplies costs by 20% in 20 minutes

After 33 years working in the office supplies industry, I decided to set up my own cost consultancy. My experience means that I know how the industry operates; the strategies for acquiring new customers and mechanisms for growing margins. 

I offer tangible value to companies looking to reduce their office supplies expenditure – to date, I haven’t saved less than 20%. For corporate organisations, this can translate to savings of £40,000-£200,000 or more. Procurement and Finance departments often know that savings can be made, but simply don’t have the time to complete the work. I often hear:

  • “There’s only 3 in the department, I don’t have time”
  • “It’s out of control, I don’t think we’re receiving value”
  • “It’s on my list of projects, but I’m too busy”

Sound familiar? That’s where our 20/20 review comes in!

Put us to the test

We can make reducing your costs simple and stress-free. No need for a meeting, simply provide your last 12 months office supplies spend and product list. In 20 minutes we will review it (under a confidentiality agreement) and provide a summary outlining how and where savings could be made.

If you wish, we will then carry out any necessary work to make the savings on your behalf. Our services include audits, benchmarking, supplier management and reviews, and supplier implementation or consolidation. You can save time to concentrate on other projects while also reducing costs. 

We are a niche consultancy, which covers eight categories of office supplies from stationery to MPS. Other cost reduction agencies can identify quick cuts, but through my experience I will identify long-term savings, ensuring that they are sustainable for the contract duration.

Case study: “It’s worth doing then!”

A client was considering going to market. At an initial meeting, the client brought along MI data and asked what the potential savings could be.

I grabbed a coffee and they left me for 20 minutes to review the data. This was sufficient to identify significant areas for reduction including the product list and core spending split. The review equated to £40,000 savings.
They commented, “It’s worth doing then isn’t it?!”

This highlights how important it is to assess your pricing in line with market trends. The industry has shifted significantly in the last 12 months and we are typically seeing large savings - especially on contracts that have been in place for longer than 12 months. How competitive is your deal?

Now is the time to go to market

Movements in the industry are having far-reaching effects for suppliers and customers. Lyreco is aiming to become number one in the UK market, Office Depot in Europe has been sold into private equity and Staples has new leadership. Larger independents such as Commercial Ltd, Complete and Quality are growing fast and taking market share. Combine this with the threat of Amazon Business and an industry in decline: the major suppliers need to retain business, and are consequently winning business at lower margins – now is the time to act.

A simple way to save

We can make it easy for you to reduce office supplies costs. Of course, it takes considerable time to review product lists, alternatives, usage and core split in detail – even with 30+ years in the industry.

Whilst we can quickly identify areas for scrutiny and improvement, office supplies can be a time-consuming and confusing area to analyse, due to multiple product lines, descriptions and SKUs. We can cut through that and save you the hassle while we act on your behalf. 

Key questions

If you are unsure if your current contract is delivering value ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have a current office supplies contract in place?
  2. What is your annual office supplies expenditure?
  3. Do you have full visibility of your total spend and product list?
  4. Do you know your current core/non-core spilt?
  5. Are you confident that you are paying market rate for your supplies?

By answering these simple questions we can assist you in reaching your savings target. If we undertake a full project for you (after the initial summary review) we will assess usage, processes and expenditure in detail across your desired categories. 

You will receive a clear and concise report, detailing options and recommendations. And unlike other consultancies, we utilise our market knowledge and expertise to deliver truly sustainable contracts; which will deliver value over the contract term.   

What could you save?

Annual office supplies spend Potential saving
£100,000 £20,000
£200,000 £40,000
£500,000 £100,000
£1,000,000 £200,000

Are a few minutes of your time worth these savings?

Many finance and procurement departments are under pressure to deliver cost reductions and yet have limited time and resources to enable them. Let us help.  By answering some simple questions and providing the necessary data we could save you thousands.

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