Dealing with price increases


Did your office supplies provider wish you a Happy New Year with a price increase? Paper prices are set to rise again, with increases ranging from 3% to 6%.

When did you last check your core prices? Often companies only find out that prices have gone up when their January invoice hits the purchase ledger! Don’t let this happen to you.

There are a number of reasons for price fluctuation; manufacturing increases, a weak pound - or an opportunity to raise margins. Do you need someone to challenge price rises and ensure that you achieve value that lasts?

Knowing how the industry operates and its strategy for acquiring customers and growing margins is at the heart of Red Herring. We can help you to reduce costs, buy smarter and manage your suppliers in a robust but fair manner.

Achieve sustainable value

Busy teams often don’t have the time to manage multiple suppliers, attend review meetings, or regularly review product pricing. We can manage this process for you, freeing up time and ensuring that you benefit from:

  • A contract built on sustainable pricing, delivering ongoing value, innovation and compliance
  • 100% impartial and objective advice (we take no commission or fees from suppliers)
  • 30+ years of industry expertise; including sales techniques to watch out for
  • Cost reductions across categories including office supplies, EOS, print and furniture

And as a niche consultancy, we know the market well. Our expertise will ensure that you have the right products and suppliers to meet the needs of your business. Putting you in the driving seat for future price negotiations!

Read our client testimonials and talk to us to find out how we can help you.

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Proud to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society

One of our core values at Red Herring is being a business for good. This means that we raise money by donating 10% of all fees earned to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. After a recent diagnosis, this cause is close to our hearts and we are proud to support the UK’s leading MS charity that provides practical help today and the hope of a cure tomorrow for everyone living with multiple sclerosis (MS) nationwide.

Over 100,000 people in the UK have multiple sclerosis (MS). It’s unpredictable, and different for everyone. It’s often painful and exhausting, and can cause problems with how people walk, move, see, think and feel. It can make it hard for people to work, and do the things they enjoy. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The MS Society is a community of people living with MS, scientists, campaigners, volunteers and fundraisers. We understand what life’s like with MS, and we support each other through the highs, lows and everything in between. And we’re driving research into more – and better – treatments. For everyone.

Together, we are strong enough to stop MS.

To find out more about MS please visit: