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6 Elements of Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is the continual process of measuring, evaluating and improving purchasing activities. It is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses to ensure significant bottom-line efficiency.

Here's how the 6 elements of strategic sourcing can deliver value.   

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How to reduce office supplies costs in 2018

2018 brings new trends to the office supplies market. Managed Print Services (MPS) is back on the agenda for many businesses, while sales of facilities supplies and business gifts are increasing. 

It’s important to keep up to date on trends and understand the pricing behind multiple products and categories. To begin, here are five ways to reduce office supplies costs in 2018.

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Dealing with price increases

Did your office supplies provider wish you a Happy New Year with a price increase? Paper prices are set to rise again, with increases ranging from 3% to 6%.

Are you prepared for price rises and how to deal with them?

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Supply chain risk and how to avoid it

Risk is big news. Spend Matters readers recently cited risk as the number one issue they are stressing about, ahead of tail spend and the future of work. 

Here are six steps to manage supply chain risk and help you achieve supply chain resilience.

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Why you should review costs in Q4

From Brexit to inflation economic pressures are putting the squeeze on UK business. Add major changes in the office supplies market and now is the ideal time to review your costs.

Get ahead now for a better 2018.

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EEF, The Manufacturers' Organisation

EEF were with their incumbent supplier for six years - but price rises were becoming an issue. We worked with them to deliver cost savings of 25% while also renewing stakeholder engagement in the contract.

Read their client testimonial.

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The 20/20 review: put us to the test

Our 20/20 review can make reducing your costs simple and stress-free. Simply provide your last 12 months office supplies spend and product list. In 20 minutes we will review it and provide a summary outlining how and where savings could be made.

Could we save you 20%? Find out more.

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The myth of core and non-core pricing

When is a good price not a good price? When you pay over-the-odds... Recently I have worked on a number of projects where the core vs. non-core pricing split was far higher than the client imagined, or indeed should be.

Understand your suppliers' pricing strategy to keep office supplies costs down.


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Will office supplies costs rise after Brexit?

We can all clearly remember the scaremongering, fear and panic that surrounded the Brexit vote. Now, as Theresa May triggers Article 50 and begins the official exit process, business owners and decision makers face the next wave of uncertainty: what will Brexit mean for business? 

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6 Budgeting Tips for 2017

Successful budgeting is a balance: maintaining quality, prioritising business goals and offsetting rising costs. As the new financial year beckons, do you have a strategy for reducing and controlling office supplies expenditure?

Find out how you can best manage the budget balance.

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Why your business should use a cost consultancy

When talking to businesses about Red Herring, some say that it’s company policy not to use cost reduction consultants. I believe that they are missing out.

Here are six reasons you'll benefit from outsourcing your cost reduction. 



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The Wilkes Partnership

It was clear that Midlands law firm The Wilkes Partnership could make large savings by changing their supplier. After conducting a thorough benchmarking review across the office supplies, print and EOS categories we also dealt with the smooth implementation of the new provider.       

Read their client testimonial.

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The benefits of choosing a ‘business for good’

In April 2016 I started my own business after a 16-year career working a for large corporate organisation.
This followed a diagnosis which required a shift in priorities and a new future. It also sparked a resolution: Red Herring Business Services would be a 'business for good'. 

Find out what this means for your business. 



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Rathbone Investment Management

We carried out an extensive benchmarking exercise for UK financial firm Rathbone Investment Management. The project included the office supplies, EOS and Print categories and resulted in substantial savings for the business. 

Read their client testimonial.



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Red Herring: what's in a name?

A crucial part of setting up Red Herring was choosing a business name. It would define the company, inform the brand and differentiate us in a crowded marketplace.

Red Herring sums up the situation faced by many businesses. Find out why.  

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